I just read an article “How I Cured Stage 4 Cancer in Two Weeks For Less Than The Cost Of A Night At The Movies” tonight. This article tells how you can use of standard, off the shelf, pregnancy test and be able to screen for cancer. I find this to be great news. I thought I would share this newfound information with everyone.

Please understand this test is not 100% accurate, you would need a much more expensive test for that. The Cancer Cure Foundations’s webpage lists many other tests that can be purchased. However, as a preventative measure it would be an extrememly helpful tool, especially given the low cost of a pregnancy test. The author of “The Doctor Who Cures Cancer”, William “Kelley” Eidem, states:

Many years earlier, I’d also learned that the common pregnancy tests sold in drug stores will sometimes produce a positive result if the person taking the test has cancer.

A call to the makers of one of the products confirmed that this is true: pregnancy screening tests can sometimes pick up the presence of cancer. It is well known among physicians that home pregnancy tests can show a false positive for pregnancy when the person being tested has cancer.

The test isn’t real accurate if the result is negative because the test kit requires that a high threshold be met before the test will read positive.

Pregnant women easily reach the threshold, but a person with cancer doesn’t necessarily produce enough of the hormone to register on the test kit.

But if the kit does show “positive” in a non-pregnant person, it is highly accurate for uncovering cancer.

It seemed to me that it was worth a shot as a screening mechanism. Since I am a male, a positive test result would tell me what I needed to know.

I did the test, and sure enough, the ‘pregnancy’ test result came up positive. You might be wondering why a pregnancy test would read positive.

This article is a must read for everyone!

Other than knowing that a simple pregnancy test can be used to screen cancer the rest of the article goes on to tell you his “CURE” for Cancer. It is worth passing on to everyone you know that either has cancer or is trying to prevent it (yup, everyone). He has a link on the article that you can use to email it to whomever you wish. He encourages you to do so, hoping to cure cancer one person at a time.

When reading this article please also read the comments. They include other people who have battled this demon as well and other possible solutions. It seems that if you cannot stomach the habernero pepper you can substitue fresh grated ginger in it’s place. I could copy sections of the article but I feel it should be read in it’s entirety. I wouldn’t want you to miss anything that might be imperative to your own healing.

When I went to Google this claim I came up with:

Pregnancy test for cancer screening?

Edward Griffin claims that the cancer can be detected by simple pregnancy test, with an accuracy of better than 92%, quote: “…take a pregnancy test and only consider positive results as a possible indicator of cancer. If you have negative results (not pregnant) you may not want to take these test results to heart and should consider other tests.” (alternativecancer.us/#Warnings). The “Warnings” section of Alternative Cancer Comparison web site at http://alternativecancer.us/#Warnings has six interesting warnings, the last is this: “A Safe Cancer Test – Is a Biopsy Necessary?

Paraphrased from G. Edward Griffin’s enlightening book “World Without Cancer”, a safe alternative to expensive and/or injurious, or invasive tests:

All trophoblast cells produce a unique hormone called the chorionic gonadotrophic hormone (CGH) which is easily detected in urine. Thus if a person is either pregnant, has a serious injury, or has cancer, a simple CGH pregnancy test should confirm either. It does, with an accuracy of better than 92% in all cases. If the urine sample shows positive it means either normal pregnancy or abnormal malignant cancer.

The appearance of CGH at the site of a serious injury is due to the fact that trophoblast cells are the first line healing cells of our body which should be turned off after healing has established itself. The failure to turn off is the cause of cancer in many cases.”
For more on Griffin’s statements re pregnancy test as cancer indicator, see for instance The Ultimate Cancer Conspiracy: Vitamin B17 (Laetrile/Amygdalin).

At Wheel Mountain we will look for alternative cures, ones that will not be dangerous to our bodies that we are trying to heal. Simple use of herbs and organic foods are an excellent start. We will grow as many of these herbs and “natures wonder cures” organically and in excess so that everyone will have access to them.

PS: I have included links to both books.

The Story of Emanuel Revici, M.D. The Doctor Who Cures Cancer! and

This DVD is usually around $1.00 – a good buy!

These are a few more that may be of interest to you for Natural Cancer Cures:

Natural Cancer Remedies That Work!
Natural Cancer Treatments!
Cancer – Step Outside The Box! This one looks good also.

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